Benefits of physical exercises for senior people

It is very important to keep your health condition as good as possible when you are growing old. Seniors are more vulnerable to health disease and other digestive related problems. The risk of getting diabetes and cancer also increases.

The best way to protect against such illnesses is to keep your health up by exercising regularly. The benefits of physical exercises for seniors are many:

Improves the heart! Having a strong and healthy heart lowers the risk of heart related issues, which is the main cause of death in the USA. Exercises that improve the heart and blood circulations are jogging and cycling. Consider jogging or for walking for 30 minutes every day and you’ll surely notice a positive improvement in your breathing and general health state.

senior-6Strengthens your bones and muscles! Regular physical exercises improve the bone structure. This is important because senior citizens are more likely to suffer from osteoporosis. Your muscle will ease and gain in strength which allows for a greater flexibility, which means that you’ll get around easier. As your muscle tissues improve you’ll see an improvement on your endurance: you will be able to walk longer distances, you will not tire easily, and you will be able to move with ease and speed.

Many positive psychological effects! Physical activity has many psychological effects. When you exercise for 30 or 45 minutes, the brain releases dopamine, a chemical substance which lowers stress levels and makes you happy. By improving your body, you will feel more comfortable in your skin which builds confidence. Usually older people are worried and sometimes frightened by the world around them which continuously changes. Exercising regularly will provide you with enough energy to keep up with the modern world.

Other useful tips!

If exercising is a new thing for you, it is perfectly normal to feel a little discouraged. But remember that the benefits of exercising are a long term process. You must have patience and to persevere in order to see the results!

Do not push yourself! You are not aiming for body building. Do enough to feel comfortable with yourself. 30 minutes a day is enough to keep your body healthy and in shape!

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