Burial Funeral Insurance: How Expensive Is A Funeral?

Funeral is our last concern. This is because death is something scary and it is regarded as a taboo topic for a conversation.  Although death is a natural, unavoidable process, preparing for it is still considered weird and unnatural.  However, everyone should make minimum planning, just in case. Purchasing burial funeral insurance is the best thing you can do.

funeral costs final expense insuranceYour family will be prepared at any moment to face that unfortunate event. Read this article if you want to know how expensive is a funeral and how burial funeral insurance will help paying the bill.

The final bill will depend on your funeral options. Still, the National Funeral Directors Association has published recently a chart with the median cost of a funeral. On the chart they include:  embalming, removal/transfer of remains to funeral home, non-declinable basic services fee, use of a hearse, basic memorial printed package, use of a service van, metal casket, use of facilities/staff for funeral ceremony.

The total cost is around $7000-$7100. As the Association mentioned, that list does not take into account: cemetery, monument or marker costs, crematory fees (in case of cremation), obituaries, flowers, formal wear and clerical fee.  So, the real value of a basic funeral is much higher.  To make things worse, with each passing year the prices are getting higher.  Saving $10.000 or $15.000 is probably the best solution. There are many pros for getting final expense insurance.

Upon application, you will not be asked for medical tests, but some causes of death will be subject of waiting periods. Accidental death is also included in the policy. You can take the policy even if you are 80 years old. At this age, no other forms of life insurance are available.

It pays off to plans and to save ahead some money for your funeral. Check online websites for accurate data and free online quotes.  We can help you with the last part. Visit our website!