Burial Insurance Rates: Affordable During Retirement?

There is nothing scarier than death, but we must all accept the idea that someday we will no longer be alive. Whether it will be sooner or not, that is another story. Many choices in life can increase or decrease our life expectancy, but even so, an unpredictable event can end our life.

picture-of-senior-couple-playing-bubbles-300x187The only thing we can do is to prepare for all possibilities and consequences, no matter how grim they may look.  Every responsible parent and spouse should consider buying life insurance, in order to protect the financial status of the family and provide income replacement.  The minimum measure you can take is to purchase final expense insurance. But are burial insurance rates affordable during retirement?

Most people will tell you “No” and will contest the value of buying this policy in the first place. Furthermore, they will tell you that it only drains your wallet. All these claims are not true and unjust.  Final expense insurance is one of the cheapest policies on the market, competing with term life for the title  “ The Cheapest policy”,  However, this policy is really cheap if you purchase it while not that old, around the age of 40 years.

You will get the cheapest premiums and the best rates and the fact that you still work will surely help.  How much will you spend for premiums, well, that depends on your options.  You can get cheap premiums, if you choose a medium sum of money as face amount and the policy length lasts several decades. Paying just a few bucks per monthly surely will not cripple your financial status.

Before signing in, do not forget to visit first a funeral director and ask about the prices.  You will find out how much to save for: casket, cemetery plot, embalming services, funeral transport vehicles and other available services.  Also, search online for quality burial insurance quotes. Price comparison will help you decide.

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