Death Policy

Life is a tricky game. You win some; you lose some, but in the end we all end up cheated by the dreadful reality of death. Nowadays, the classic, traditional ritual of the funeral has been trivialized as to reflect social status, and sadly the cost of a modern funeral can exceed the budget of many. Final expense insurance is a death policy which pays out something called a „death benefit” to the beneficiary once the insured passes away. This kind o insurance is cheaper and easier to get than classic life insurance, such as term or whole life, because it doesn’t offer coverage for too much time.

death policyAlso, it’s known that mostly seniors opt for final expense policies, and therefore the criteria on which insurance companies base their selection of applicants are milder and more accessible.

But how much coverage do you need? Think ahead and set a budget for your funeral (as grim as it may sound, sometimes its necessary) and take into consideration the grieving period which will follow the rite of passage: your loved ones will probably still be under a state of shock for as far as a few months past the event. Your final expense coverage should include a financial safety net for this period too, as to help your family accommodate to the new circumstances of their lives.

If you fear that your loved ones may be unable to handle the financial situation imposed by your rite of passage, and are at the same time reluctant to buy a standard life insurance policy, you ought to take into consideration the possibility of purchasing final expense insurance.

More questions can be answered by an insurance agent, whose help you’ll definitely need if you plan to buy an efficient insurance policy. You can either opt for an insurance agent or for an insurance broker, depending on how accustomed you are with the field of insurance. Nevertheless, do not hesitate to call us if you have any uncovered obscure points, where a licensed insurance agent will answer your questions. Also, visit us again for updates on this topic!