How to Qualify for No Medical Exam Life Insurance?

Life insurance is the best way to guarantee the financial safety of your family and prepare it for a future when you will no longer be with them. In order to qualify for all traditional policies, you must undergo several medical tests, bring some medical records and proofs of income.  Not all of us feel comfortable when asked to go to the doctor and take the tests.

Couple-Financial-PlanningThere are various reasons why so many people avoid medical examinations, but without them, they will not get coverage. Luckily, no exam policies allow you to skip that unpleasant part of the underwriting process. We will tell you how to qualify for no medical exam life insurance.

As the name suggests, you will not have to undergo any medical test. All you have to do is to apply and bring certain documents that will be required by the company. Usually, the company will ask for either medical records of for proofs of income. This is not the case and you will not have to worry about medical results.

Still, most of the no medical exam insurers will want to know something about your medical history and if possible, about your current health status. They typically ask any applicant to complete a short form with medical questions. The number of questions differs for each company and policy. Usually they ask if you smoke, live in a medical-care facility (like a nursing home), or if you have been diagnosed terminally ill.

Qualifying for life insurance no medical exam is easy and very fast.  Your application will be processed in several hours.  However, there are some exceptions.  If you have more than 80-85 years old, even no medical exam insurers will be reluctant and refuse you.  Also, some diseases disqualify you: cancer, HIV/AIDS and all terminal diseases.  We recommend you to talk with an appropriate life insurance agent and to search for adequate quotes,

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