Is heart attack or stroke a drawback in your qualification for life insurance?

Heart diseases are a permanent concern for senior citizens. They know that in an unfortunate moment, all can finish and they must take care not to expose at so many risk factors. Another problem is securing an affordable investment capable of saving money. All the savings will be sent back in order to finance treatments, when the situation will get worse.

Do no be mislead by false hopes, as we get older, heart problems are inevitable. If you already have problems and you seek life insurance, things can get health problemscomplicated. Many insurance companies will not accept working with senior citizens that have pre-existent medical problems. They already know that the risk of dying is too high and is possible that client will decease before it can pay some of the premiums. So, yes, usually a heart attack or stroke is a drawback for your eligibility.  Not for all, of course there are still some companies willing to ensure the seniors with heart problems. But the major disadvantage is the exorbitant price of premiums. Usually this turns out to be a bad investment.

If you know that you will not live very long, maybe is time to think more about burial funeral insurance. This policy is suitable for elderly and it is designed to take care of funeral costs. All you need to do is a little research about how much you want to pay for your own funeral and after that contact and insurance agent.

The agent will acknowledge your request and will present its offers. You will be able to choose the one which comes closer for your needs. Or you can talk and see if they can adjust the policy cost at a desired value. You must calculate how much you can spend for coverage and see if you can really afford it. Times are harsh and we must be wise with our money. But you will feel better knowing that you have secured your funeral and the family will not have to struggle with covering the costs.

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