Low Cost Burial Insurance: Dream Or Reality?

Death is a natural stage in the cycle of life. We cannot live forever, but our legacy must live more than we can ever do.  Try not to give your heirs a legacy of debt and a tumultuous financial status. The thought of putting the family members to a huge financial burden is the trigger for many to purchase burial life insurance.


Nowadays we are bombarded with commercials that tell us about cheap policies. But low cost burial insurance is a dream or reality? Can it be really this cheap? The answer is “Yes” and we can tell you why.

Unlike other policies, final expense insurance, also named burial insurance, serves only for a purpose: to financially aid a family that needs to bury one of its members. The average cost for a funeral varies between $7000 and $10.000. Can your family pay this sum for an unexpected funeral? Probably not.  And this is the case for many other American families.  The only chance remains saving money through the help of a final expense insurance.

This insurance is recommended if you have a small income and you cannot afford a lump sum payment upfront but you can afford paying smaller premiums. The value of the premiums will depend on your chosen amount of coverage and the length of the policy.

If you choose the minimum amount of coverage, for a length of 20 or 30 years, the premiums will be at their lowest point. Paying $40 or $50 per month is not that hard and you can even get lower prices.

But you must know where to search and who to call for counseling. Specialized life insurance agents are always available for you.  Contact one of them and talk about your financial and medical condition. With a little help, you can find really cheap policies. Do not forget to check online quotes, too.

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