What Type Of No Med Exam Life Insurance Should Seniors Buy?

You probably know that being senior has certain disadvantages, both physical and financial disadvantages. Retirement funds are insufficient if you have not saved enough money for several decades. Exactly about saving money we want to talk about and we can tell you what type of no med exam life insurance should senior buy.

Should-senior-people-buy-a-final-expense-life-insuranceObtaining affordable deals that have good benefits is not impossible but is not facile either.  No exam life insurance policies can provide protection for seniors, but even so, insurers have specific demands and have different categories for no exam policies. Search for no exam and final expense life insurance quotes.

If you ever shopped online for life insurance or tried to get life insurance quotes, you have probably noticed that almost all insurers ask for medical exams before issuing insurance. This will clarify if the potential client has a pre-existing medical condition or not. It is a common procedure for many term life and whole life policies.

Almost all seniors have medical problems, even if they are not aware of them and an x-ray or blood test may reveal these problems, thus ruining the chances of getting any life insurance.

There is still hope. Some companies have insurance policies without any exam.  While it is true that these policies have the same benefits as the regular ones, there are certain differences that you must be aware of.  The main difference is the price; the cost of no exam premiums is always higher than the cost of regular premiums.

Any unknown pre-existing medical condition or other problem may reduce the life expectancy. The risk is higher. Still, you have many no exam options.  Guaranteed life insurance policies are offered for individuals that are more inclined to die sooner rather than later. Usually this covers really old people.

The death benefit is paid gradually and if you die in the first years of the policy, your beneficiaries will receive only the paid premiums plus the accumulated interest.  Simplified issue is less expensive than guaranteed life insurance, but you will have to answer to some medical questions.  With guaranteed life you can save up to $100.000 unlike simplified life, where the amount can reach $350.000.

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